Bannar Saying

August 15, 2010

“If ye’re trying and failing then ye’re not tryin’ hard enough”

Old Bannar Saying



Sora’s Inn

July 19, 2010

When Sora Eller first arrived in Dew those many years ago, she saw promise in the little village. She saw promise in its inhabitants and in its position, in the centre of the Plains of Yaren. She decided that from that day forth Dew would be her home and she would care for it and everyone in it as her own.

With the help of the residents of Dew, Sora started construction on what is now known, across the whole of Yaren, as Sora’s Inn. After its construction was completed Dew started seeing a lot more traffic. The Inn gave the hunters of the area, traders passing by, tourists visiting the birth place of the fabled Yaren Yulano and everyone else a reason to stop over, rest and replenish their supplies.

The quiet little village of Dew was no longer as quiet as before and was soon to be more than just a little village.


Chapter 1: The First

May 27, 2010

83rd Year – Yulano’s Passing
The City Of Tarn
Teren Wastes

Rendan Kor stumbled out of The Fist, not quite sure how long he had been in there and not quite sure why he hadn’t left many hours sooner. He had been celebrating his recent promotion, a promotion he earned by following orders without question, a promotion he rightfully deserved, he thought. He slowly made his way along The Crossing, formerly known as Illustrious Crossing, the winding street running through the centre of the Docks District. The newly appointed Advent Lieutenant could barely see a thing, partly because of the amount of Prallian Ale he had drank and partly because of the thick fog that seemed to be creeping in from the Tarn Piers. The tall and weather worn wooden buildings of the district loomed above him on all sides, blocking out whatever light the moon may have provided this night. Seeing naught but a few unconscious drunkards and beggars in his passing, Rendan started suspecting that it was even later than he had at first anticipated.

The Killer moved unseen and unheard along the rooftops of the tall Docks District buildings, never hesitating, never slowing his step. Below him in the street, barely visible through the thick fog, he saw his mark. Clad in thick chainmail that chinked with every step he took, this Prall would not be hard to follow. With his hand on the pommel of his sword, The Killer descended. A few well placed drops had him on street level. He crossed the dimly lit street, now slowing his pace. The Killer knew they were nearing his target’s destination.

As Rendan Kor neared the end of the Docks District, the shacks and makeshift shelters of the Slums now coming into view, he thought he felt something brush against his back, just the slightest hint of a touch, the Prall swung around to meet whoever it might be. Rendan Kor saw nothing. “Who… who’s there?” He asked, swinging around in a full circle. His queries were met by nothing but the distant cheering coming from The Fist and the creaking of the towering wooden docks buildings. “Don’t have time for this.” He muttered as he turned and started towards the Slums again. “This place is going to the dogs.” As he reached the edge of the Docks District he passed a Tarn Guard at one of the entrances to the Tarn Mines, flashing him a toothy smile as he passed. The guard straightened, glancing quickly behind him with a look of confusion on his face. Not willing to take his eyes off Rendan Kor for too long, though, he quickly turned back, adjusting his helmet and looking directly forward. “Not many of you left nowadays, ey.” The Advent Lieutenant chuckled, more to himself than the guard. If the guard had at all heard him, he did not show it. Rendan stopped at the next intersection and looked around, the fog from the Docks District seemed to be following him. He grunted and carried on his way.

The Killer’s mark was just out of sight now, nearing the edge of the Docks District. Easily navigating the shadows and the thick fog, The Killer passed behind an unsuspecting Tarn Guard, leaving nothing but a rush of air in his wake. With his course plotted before him, he would take his place and be ready for his approaching target. It was time to end it.

Rendan Kor rounded the last corner before he would reach his home. A modest place, he thought. Nothing quite as lavish as what Fist had set up for himself in the Docks District.
“Gotta start somewhere.” He mumbled, now approaching his front door. He paused, thinking he had heard something. Then just shook his head, cursing himself for being so paranoid.

The Killer surveyed the area. It would be dawn soon and he could just make out the dim light of the morning sun creeping up over the Tarn Slums from the eastern horizon. It was time. Seeing no one else nearby, he dropped down into the alleyway behind his target, sword still in hand. Rendan Kor was busy fumbling with the keys to his home. The Killer spoke.
“A door with a lock set in a brick wall.”
“What?” Rendan Kor asked, jumping around, sliding his rusty short sword from its scabbard. His back was now firmly against the front door to his house. He had to squint to make out the dark silhouette before him in the alleyway.
“You are doing well for yourself, Rendan Kor, Lieutenant of the Advent gang, dog of Fist Novack.” The Killer chided, now slowly closing the distance between the two of them.
“Begone or meet your end at the tip of my sword.” The Advent Lieutenant threatened, holding his short sword out in front of him, swaying slightly, suddenly feeling lightheaded.
The Killer chucked at that notion. This Prall could hardly stand straight, let alone wield that rusty old sword. Rendan Kor was as good as dead.
“I doubt that.” The Killer said coldly.
“Fist will…” Rendan Kor began to mouth, but before he even realized it The Killer lunged forth from the darkness and was on him, Rendan Kor felt the sharp edge of a sword against his throat and a cold hand firmly covering his mouth. He heard his short sword clank to the ground by his side. The Killer leaned forward, whispering into Rendan Kor’s ear then removing his hand from the Prall’s mouth. The Advent Lieutenant’s face twisted in confusion.
“Curse you and your…” Rendan Kor managed to spit as The Killer’s blade flashed across his exposed throat and before he could even pull a hand up to stem the blood flow the same blade plunged into his chest. Rendan Kor was dead before he hit the ground. The Killer released the Prall’s now limp form, dropping him to the ground, a pool of blood rapidly forming on the cobbled stones below.

This is part of the first chapter of the as of yet unnamed book for older readers. This is where it all starts. Enjoy!

Still here

May 23, 2010

We have been pretty illusive of late here at Everglow Blog, haven’t we? We are still here though, still working hard at making our dreams a reality. In the coming days we are planning on releasing something big for all the fans out there, we appreciate all the support, every single view helps!


Thank you all!
The appreciative Tales Of Lumin Team.


Name the street winners!

May 19, 2010

It’s Wednesday, time to announce the winners of our ‘Name the street’ Starcraft II Beta Key contest. Without further a due, the two winners are:

Dirk von Thelemann – Fist’s Passage

Teddy Won – The Crossing (Priorly known as Illustrious Crossing).

It goes without saying that this was an incredibly difficult choice, there were so many really good entries. We had a panel of 5 judges help us decide, first we narrowed it down to 5 choices, then these two. We here at Mitarn and Tales of Lumin appreciate all the effort everyone put into this contest, you should all be really proud of the names you suggested. One of the two names that won will most likely be used in the upcoming book we are working on, other finalists include ‘Curdling Street’ by George Daniel Bence, ‘Port Street’ by Wayne Smith and ‘Cutthroat’s Landing’ by Jimmy C Liu. (The last one was being considered for use elsewhere in the Docks District) Thank you again to everyone that entered, your support is appreciated, as always. We hope the two entrants that won make good use of their new Starcraft II Beta Keys! They will be sent to the entrants via Facebook shortly.

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Name the street, Win a Starcraft II Beta Key!

May 15, 2010

We here at Tales of Lumin and Mitarn need your help! We are desperately trying to find a fitting street name for a street in the Tarn Docks District and you could win one of two Starcraft II Beta Keys by giving your suggestions!

Before you go on and just give a random name, we would like to give you a little background information about the area this street is located in. This may be a bit confusing if you know nothing about the Tales of Lumin lore, never fear though! You can read up about anything Lumin related over at the facebook page. (Check the notes section) Below is a snippet from the Tarns Slums Notes, this piece covers the Docks District. The street name we are looking for is the main road of this district. It runs through most of the district and passed directly infront of The Fist Arena and Tavern. (See the full map here) That is all we ask of you, if you manage to come up with a really brilliant street name, you will be given one of the two keys and you may find your suggestion published in our upcoming book! That is an alluring offer if there ever was one. See below for a few rules you have to follow.

At the western side of Tarn, bordering the Market and Slums Districts is the Docks District. This area has been unused and abandoned by the Tarn Officials for the last decade or more due to the constant gang activity. The Docks District consists mostly of heavily weathered wooden buildings, taller than those in most districts of the Slums and not as tightly packed. Most of which were previously owned by the many shipping companies that used to operate from Tarn.

To those still brave or desperate enough to trade with the Prallian people, the Tarn Docks became far too unsafe to risk. Given the amount of Lumite the Prall unearth compared to the other races of Lumin, some are still willing to take the necessary risks to get their hands on some of the precious crystals. Most ships now drop anchor at the coastal village of Marog, northeast of Tarn. For that reason the Docks District was all but handed over to the gangs. The warehouses and storage facilities are now either full of homeless Prall, serving as headquarters to one of the numerous gangs of the Slums or converted into some form of entertainment for the locals. Soon after the fall of the Docks District one of the more opportunistic gang leaders converted a huge warehouse in the Docks District into an arena and tavern, known by all in Tarn simply as the ‘The Fist’. Weekly fights take place in the arena with all the gangs pitting their best fighters against one another. Many Slums locals spend what little money they have betting on their favorites to win, only to lose it all in a heartbeat to the ever unpredictable arena. The victors in the Fist Arena are hailed as champions by the locals, famous, till the day their title is stripped by the next challenger. In recent years, with the rise of The Fist Tavern and Arena, the Docks Districts popularity grew, with more and more entrepreneurial Prallians finding ways to entertain the locals and empty their pockets in the process.

The Docks District has become an entertainment hub for many Tarn residents. Though the old piers in the Docks District still remain intact, they are a far cry from what they used to be. Few Tarn residents still use the piers for fishing and even fewer have been able to hold onto boats. Any fish caught at the piers is well received; fresh food is always hard to come by in Tarn, and always yields a good price on the Tarn Markets.

Read this:
The entries will be recorded via our Tales of Lumin Facebook page to ensure fair play and prevent double posting. Sadly, there will be only one entry per person, so you had best think hard before posting your suggestions! (You can delete your entry and try again at any time, though.) This competition will be running untill Wednesday, 19 May. Those are basically all the rules, try think of something good, something fitting! It could be anything, use your imagination! The Tales of Lumin team will be selecting the two winners Wednesday and they should recieve their keys shortly thereafter. Good luck to everyone participating!

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Tales Of Lumin and Mitarn SC2 Beta Key Winner

May 1, 2010

And the winner is…

George Daniel Bence

Congratulations, we hope you enjoy the beta key we will be sending you shortly.

Thank you to everyone that participated, we really appreciate any and all support. I have linked the YouTube video below of the key being drawn below, it’s pretty bad quality but I am sure if you pause it while the name is on the screen you can make it out. (Yes, I realise I had no clue where the lense of the camera was) I also realise there are some problems with the sound being a bit soft at the start, better turn the volume up!

If I get my hands on another key I will most definitely have another giveaway. Be sure to check back here!

Tales Of Lumin